Friday, 28 March 2014

Feb 21, 2013

Solar panel technology for Eco friendly vehicles

Few car manufacturers are making Eco friendly vehicles that use electric battery technology as fuel to operate. Some have made cars that are hybrid and use fuel for accelerating and electric battery while idling to boost mileage. But none have harnessed solar technology to its full potential. 
In fact, we need all vehicles should be fitted with mandatory solar panels mounted on their roof. The solar panel on top will be used to light up headlight, indicators, back light, cabin light, stereo, cigarette lighter, charger and so on. It can also charge electric battery when vehicle is not being used. For vehicles that work on electric battery technology the maximum run per charge will increase. 
Therefore, vehicles should be developed using solar and electric battery technology simultaneously to match fuel performance. A suggestion sent to Mahindra Reva team evoked official tweet that they are already working on a similar project but details cannot be revealed as of now. 
It is high time we shed our reliability on non renewable fossil fuels and move to cleaner unending fuel technologies like solar.